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Sorority Tattoo Set

What do being a furry adventurer and telecommuting have in common? Breakfast, that's what! You wake up, pour yourself a cup of coffee and start the day with something healthy, like maybe an egg & veggie scramble. You start your day like an eager beaver, but soon you're reading r/funny and obsessively reloading your Facebook feed. Time to relocate.... TO THE COFFEE SHOP! A new jolt of caffeine, and since it looked so tempting, maybe a bear claw. Or a cake pop. Or both.

But really, what happens when adventure calls? It happens when you least expect it! So, it's a good thing you are burning tens of calories with all that typing you do! If you're looking to get a little more comfortable on the trail to adventure, you need a pair of Furry Adventure Slippers. They're not tricksy, just comfy. Oh so comfy. You'll want to stay in your underground abode all day and never venture out to steal any dragon's loot.

Product Specifications

  • Plush slippers turn your feet into furry adventure feet
  • Have hairy feet and be adorable, not gross
  • Great for hanging around the house or as part of a furry adventurer costume
  • Love your slippers: Spot clean with a damp cloth
  • Comfortably fits up to a U.S. Men's 8 (Ladies' 10)
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